About UK Weather Net

The idea behind the creation of the UK Weather Net is to act as a 'hub' for all the Personal Weather Stations around the UK who publish their data on the internet. The original idea came from the United States where a number of similar networks went online in 2008, links to these networks can be found in our Global Section.
We have tried to include other information and links about the weather in & around the UK, as well as the actual conditions reported from the Personal Weather Stations on the network. The weather conditions are updated once every 5 minute but to see the most up to date weather or archived conditions then please visit the personal weather station closest to the area that you are interested in. We hope that is this will prove useful whether you are interested in the weather, planning a trip or holiday in the UK or just want to know if it's safe to hang the washing out.

We have had a number of requests for weather data for the likes of research or insurance purposes, unfortunately the UK Weather Net does not keep any archived weather data.
If you need this type of information then please find the nearest personal weather station to your area of interest and click on the link for that station on our main map. You can then contact the owner of that station direct and they may be able to help you with your request

Joining the Network

Sadly the UK Weather Network will be closing during 2024 and we have stopped taking new members.

About The Website Design

The United Kingdom Weather Network web site was created by Martin Collins using a template design by CarterLake.org with PHP conversion by Saratoga-Weather.org.
Special thanks go to Kevin Reed at TNET Weather for his work on the original Carterlake templates, and his design for the common web site PHP management.
Special thanks to Mike Challis of Long Beach WA for his forms, wind-rose generator, Theme Switcher and CSS styling help with these templates.
Special thanks go to Ken True of Saratoga-Weather.org for the AJAX conditions display, dashboard and integration of the TNET Weather common PHP site design for this site.
In April, 2024, the website hosting/administration was assumed by Ken True of Saratoga-Weather.org in the USA.

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