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Hello From Andy

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Just done a refresh on the look and feel of my website. I liked the carterlake style, but wanted it to be a little different (that's just the way I am). Let me know what you guys think.

Martin - might consider upgrading wxsim in the near future - do you think it is worth doing?

The site's looking good there Andy.  :D

As for WXSim upgrade, it's less of a pain on the wallet to upgrade once you've got the main program but it depends on how much you're going to use the extra facilities.
Are your current forecasts quite accurate and what else do you want out of WXSim?
I'm not really that well placed to say if the upgrade is worth it as I bought WXSim before Tom split it into the basic & pro versions so I always had, what is now, the pro version.
It maybe worth an email to Tom to see what extras you're going to get for your money and then decide.  ;)


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