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Weird weather
« on: October 19, 2012, 08:19:47 PM »
O.K, I'll start this forum off, a first for me  8)

I saw on the BBC website the other day, the Met Office has declared this a year of Weird weather, almost going straight from spring into autumn. Quote "The driest spring for over a century gave way to the wettest recorded April to June in a dramatic turnaround never documented before"

Here in Wales (whilst normally quite wet) it has been an unbelieveably wet year. My station was only set up in February yet has recorded nearly a metre of rain already - and thats despite a server failure so it was offline for 10 days).  Summer really was a washout, with us for the first time in 8 years not getting out any garden chairs or the little table.  We've already had 5 inches of rain this month and still counting.  We lit our open fire in the middle of summer, yet walked without coats along a nature reserve last evening.

So, what has your year been like? unusual? weird? normal?


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Re: Weird weather
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2012, 11:48:50 PM »
This year was a first for the Western Isles as well.
We live on a sponge (island covered in peat bog, mainly) but this summer we had so little rain that Scottish Water started asking residents on the islands to restrict their water usage!  :o
It also played havoc with the salmon fishing as there wasn't the water in the rivers for the fish to swim up and a lot of tourist money was lost as a result. Salmon fishing on some of the island estates is big business up here in the summer!