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Announcements / European Weather Network
« Last post by Budgie on January 06, 2013, 10:44:34 PM »
It may seem a little strange but I'm advertising another Weather Network!

The European Weather Network went live last week and is a very good site.
I know there are some on here who have already joined (including me  :D) so feel free to boost the UK numbers on there if you want.
It's free and you get some nice interactive maps into the bargain.
Members Introductions / Re: New Member
« Last post by Will Grimsley on January 05, 2013, 08:55:13 PM »
Thanks, Budgie! :D
Members Introductions / Re: New Member
« Last post by Budgie on January 05, 2013, 05:07:23 PM »
Hi Will and welcome to the forum.  :D

Members Introductions / New Member
« Last post by Will Grimsley on January 05, 2013, 03:50:22 PM »
Hi guys,

I'm Will Grimsley, I have Cumulus weather software and my website is:

I hope I enjoy the forum.

Members Introductions / Re: Hello From Andy
« Last post by Budgie on December 04, 2012, 11:38:52 AM »
The site's looking good there Andy.  :D

As for WXSim upgrade, it's less of a pain on the wallet to upgrade once you've got the main program but it depends on how much you're going to use the extra facilities.
Are your current forecasts quite accurate and what else do you want out of WXSim?
I'm not really that well placed to say if the upgrade is worth it as I bought WXSim before Tom split it into the basic & pro versions so I always had, what is now, the pro version.
It maybe worth an email to Tom to see what extras you're going to get for your money and then decide.  ;)
Members Introductions / Re: Hello From Andy
« Last post by adsar on December 02, 2012, 09:32:06 PM »
Just done a refresh on the look and feel of my website. I liked the carterlake style, but wanted it to be a little different (that's just the way I am). Let me know what you guys think.

Martin - might consider upgrading wxsim in the near future - do you think it is worth doing?
Members Introductions / Re: Hello from Richard
« Last post by ukwoody on November 17, 2012, 04:14:49 PM »
Hi Richard, welcome along :D

Members Introductions / Re: Hello from Richard
« Last post by Budgie on November 11, 2012, 08:28:02 PM »
Hi Richard and welcome to the forum.

Solar radiation (heating) is a problem but there are some relatively cheap options out there.
This is one:,23736.0.html
Or something like this Davis Radiation Shield (it's cheaper to get it from the U.S than to buy in the UK  ;) ).

As for the issues with adding the map; you may be better speaking to someone on the Cumulus Forum and ask how to add a new page, unless someone on here using Cumulus can help.
Members Introductions / Hello from Richard
« Last post by Smallfield WX on November 11, 2012, 04:26:57 PM »
Hello everyone. I run a very basic weather station here in Smallfield, Surrey. Before I retired, I was a radio engineer in a world famous Research and Development facility here in Surrey.

I've always had an interest in weather, and my W-8681 automatic station and Cumulus (r) software seems to do a good job reporting it. I try to keep the system reasonably well calibrated by double checking against the Met Office data from Charlwood, which is just a few miles away.

I think the worst errors are due to direct sunlight falling on the equipment - temperatures are wildly out then. I have plans to do something about that one day.

I have tried to incorporate the links to the UKWX pages etc, but so far no joy. Unfortunately the instructions do not seem to work for me. So if anybody fancies helping me out with that, I should be most grateful.


Members Introductions / Re: Hello From Andy
« Last post by Budgie on November 08, 2012, 03:40:00 PM »
I'm a moderator of the Astrogenics forum and get to play with some of the new things Relko is working on.
I've had an Alfa version of Nexstorm running for a few months that registers strikes at over 2500 miles, although the map range only goes out to 1500 miles.
At the moment the change in range is the only difference between the standard Nexstorm and the one I'm using and there hasn't been any new additions as Relko was working on the release of NGX, but there is progression.  :D

I tend to use NSDisplay as the main lightning display on my own website and I also have WASPII on there, which gives triangulated data plots from StrikeStar EU.

As for WXSim, yes it can "learn" by running a comparison program it looks at the past forecasts and compares them to the actuals, then produces a set of offsets to bring the forecast a little closer to the actuals.
There are also a load of personal preference settings that can be altered in the Pro version, things which are fixed in the standard version. 
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