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« on: October 13, 2012, 08:05:12 PM »
Name of Mike, and been in to weather as a professional an amateur for , well lets say a number of decades. Currently based on the NE coast of Morecambe Bay. records from here go back to 1992.
Perhaps I am a bit odd but I am trying to create a full manual station like the one I used to work in. So lots of chart paper and large anemometers here. I run this alongside an Oregon 928 (with adaptations), and one I am creating ,myself with the use of Labjack. Also being odd I use Macs, so my weather software is mac based, i.e. Weather Cat. I also run Weather Display through Fusion, so out of the four sets of data available I can at least guarantee that one will give me all I need to enter manually into a database.
In addition I am currently working with a chap called Jari to get a lightning detector system going, to add to my 1 - wire counter.
Short introduction, hope its enough.

Best wishes


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Re: Embayweather
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2012, 07:52:37 PM »
Welcome to the forum and network Mike.  :D
I also used to read the manual stuff for the 3 hourly met obs from the Coastguard station in Greenock, them were the days! Going onto the roof in the snow to check wet bulb still had water in it and slipping on my backside!!  ;D

I even did the Auxillary Observers course at Reading, I've never eaten so well in my life! We did learn a lot about the taking obs into the bargin.  ;)