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Hi from the English Rivera


Hi All

My name is Peter and my weather station is in Torquay. I moved here 18 years ago to run a B&B with my wife after we finished our service in the Army.

I served 25 years as an electronic Engineer in REME and my wife served 20 years as a nurse in the QARANC.

I have the Davis Vue and the website is I have had the station for nearly 2 years and bought it because I was fed up with my guests complaining about inaccurate weather forecasts.

I'm looking to build on the current website and add more information/functionality.


Hi Peter and welcome to the network.

I'm in the process of adding your site to the map at the moment and you'll get an email once it's on there.

There are plenty of "add-ons" to be had for a weather site and I'm sure someone will be able to assist, if needed, with any questions.



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