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It may seem a little strange but I'm advertising another Weather Network!

The European Weather Network went live last week and is a very good site.
I know there are some on here who have already joined (including me  :D) so feel free to boost the UK numbers on there if you want.
It's free and you get some nice interactive maps into the bargain.

An update on EWN, Henkka and I have been working together and you can now join both networks from the one Join form.  :D

There is now the option on the UKWN join form to also have your station details sent to the EWN and, likewise, the EWN join form has the same option for UKWN & SCWN.

Note: This facility is only open to new members.
If current members of UKWN wish to join the EWN as well then either fill in the EWN online join form or let me know and I will pass your details on to Henkka.



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